TEO Newsletters

View TEO’s annual newsletters for:

  • An overview of TEO courses for the next calendar year
  • A summary of what TEO has been up to lately and what we are planning ahead
  • Special offers and competitions

Our newsletters are no longer delivered by post but are available as a pdf document linked from our electronic communications. Contact us if you would like to know more about our regular course announcement emails or monthly CourseWatch e-newsletters.

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    2024 Newsletter

    Moving right along. Us Kiwis know just how to do that. Click to view!

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    2023 Newsletter

    When it comes to your learning, we leave no stone unturned. Click to view!

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    Summer 2021/22 Newsletter - 1/12/2021

    Resilience in the face of adversity and uncertainty Click to view!

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    Summer 2020/21 Newsletter - 1/12/2020

    New formats, new topics, and a new normal. Click to view!

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    Covid-19 and TEO webinar attendance

    Statement from TEO regarding the Covid-19 virus Click to view!

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    Summer 2019/20 Newsletter - 1/12/2019

    Christmas is coming – it’s time to pencil in your training for the year ahead! Click to view!

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    Spring 2019 Newsletter - 09/08/2019

    A Long-term view of courses, and how to save big through TEO Membership Click to view!

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    Winter 2019 Newsletter - 01/06/2019

    Better learning experience: TEO Training has your back when it comes to furthering your education Click to view!

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    Autumn 2019 Newsletter - 01/03/2019

    With TEO, there are so many ways to take charge of your learning and stay one step ahead of the game. Click to view!

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    Summer 2019 Newsletter - 01/12/2018

    New ways to save, a course announcement and a couple of FAQs Click to view!

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    Spring 2018 Newsletter - 10/10/2018

    Keeping informed about TEO courses, better online learning experiences and a course proposal. Click to view!

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    Winter 2018 Newsletter - 01/07/2018

    It is a time of great change for you and TEO – in more ways than one. Click to view!