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Course NameMediumDateDetails
TEO/CCH Active and On Demand webinarsWebinar (TEO/CCH)variousDetails
Monthly Tax Update 2019/20 seriesWebinar (TEO/CAANZ)Each monthDetails
Tax Basics for Newbies 2019Webinar Series1 May 2019 - 8 April 2020Details
Purchase Individually
Tax Basics for Newbies 15 - Taxation of Partnerships and Limited PartnershipsWebinar (TEO)Wednesday, 11 DecPurchase Individually
Shareholder Remuneration - Salaries or DividendsWebinar (TEO)Tuesday, 28 Jan 2020Details
Tax Basics for Newbies 16 - Taxation of Look-Through CompaniesWebinar (TEO)Wednesday, 29 Jan 2020Purchase Individually
GST Basics - What you need to knowWebinar (TEO)Wednesday, 30 Jan 2020Details
Tax Update 2020Seminar (TEO)Feb - Mar 2020Details
Year End Tax IssuesWebinar (TEO)Tuesday, 4 Feb 2020Details
Motor Vehicles and FBT - A review of the rulesWebinar (TEO)Tuesday, 4 Feb 2020Details
Tax Basics for Newbies 17 - Provisional tax and withholding taxesWebinar (TEO)Wednesday, 12 Feb 2020Purchase Individually
Australia 2020 Series
Part 1: Setting up a Business
Part 2: Doing Business in Australia
Part 3: A Tax Update
Webinars (TEO)All Parts
Tuesday, 18 Feb 2020
Thursday, 20 Feb 2020
Tuesday, 25 Feb 2020
Tax Basics for Newbies 18 - Associated PersonsWebinar (TEO)Wednesday, 26 Feb 2020Purchase Individually
GST and Associated Persons - Specific rulesWebinar (TEO)Wednesday, 26 Feb 2020Details
eCommerce - Selling via online platformsWebinar (TEO)Wednesday, 4 Mar 2020Details
Pre-IR Audit Checklist – Things to considerWebinar (TEO)Wednesday, 4 Mar 2020Details
Dividend StrippingWebinar (TEO)Tuesday, 10 Mar 2020Details
Bright-line Test - UpdateWebinar (TEO)Tuesday, 11 Feb 2020Details
Tax Basics for Newbies 19 - GST FrameworkWebinar (TEO)Wednesday, 11 Mar 2020Purchase Individually
Tax Update 2020Webinar (TEO)Tuesday, 17 Mar & Thursday 19 Mar 2020Details
Tax Basics for Newbies 20 - GST Output TaxWebinar (TEO)Wednesday, 25 Mar 2020Purchase Individually
Income Tax Deductions Series
Part 1 - Distinguishing Capital from Revenue Expenditure
Part 2: End of Year Adjustments
Part 3: Non-payment of Debt
Part 4: Shareholder Salaries
Part 5: Fees, Fines and Penalties
Webinars (TEO)All Parts
Thursday, 2 Apr 2020
Thursday, 21 May 2020
Tuesday, 2 June 2020
Tuesday, 21 Jul 2020
Tuesday, 11 Aug 2020
Transfer of Pricing for SMEsWebinar (TEO)Tuesday, 7 Apr 2020Details
Tax Basics for Newbies 21 - GST Input TaxWebinar (TEO)Wednesday, 8 Apr 2020Purchase Individually
Tax Basics for Newbies '20 - '21Webinar Series (TEO)Apr 2020 - Apr 2021Full Series Details
Purchase Individually
Tax Residence Webinar Series
Part 1: The Basics
Part 2: Specific Issues for Individuals
Part 3: Specific Issues for Corporates and Trusts
Webinars (TEO)All Parts
Tuesday, 5 May 2020
Tuesday, 19 May 2020
Wednesday, 3 Jun 2020
All Parts
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Year End Considerations for Agricultural BusinessesWebinar (TEO)Wednesday, 6 May 2020Details
Foreign Investment Funds (FIFs) - What you need to consider
Webinar (TEO)Tuesday, 12 May 2020Details
Ethics for Accountants - Requirements of CAANZ/NZICASeminar/Webcast (TEO)Wednesday, 20 May 2020Seminar Details
Webcast Details
Company Losses & Imputation Credits – Continuity and CommonalityWebinar (TEO)Thursday, 21 May 2020Details
Imputation Rules – Practical IssuesWebinar (TEO)Tuesday, 26 May 2020Details
Qualifying Companies (QCs) – Some questions raisedWebinar (TEO)Wednesday, 27 May 2020Details
Structuring Financial Investments in Companies - Debt & EquityWebinar (TEO)Thursday, 28 May 2020Details
GST and Land 2020Webinar (TEO)Thursday, 4 Jun 2020Details
Company Distributions – Transferring Value to ShareholdersSeminar/Webcast (TEO)Thursday, 4 Jun 2020Seminar Details
Webcast Details
Emissions Trading SchemeWebinar (TEO)Tuesday, 16 Jun 2020Details
CryptocurrencyWebinar (TEO)Wednesday, 17 Jun 2020Details
RWT and NRWT – Issues and Opportunities
Webinar (TEO)Thursday, 23 Jul 2020Details
Disposal of Business Fixed Assets 2020Webinar (TEO)Tuesday, 28 Jul 2020Details
ESOPs - New tax rules for employee share schemesWebinar (TEO)Thursday, 30 Jul 2020Details
Tax Depreciation - A Review of the RulesWebinar (TEO)Tuesday, 4 Aug 2020Details
Strategic People Management - Align your people with your business strategy
Webinar (TEO)Thursday, 6 Aug 2020Details
Tax Compliance Framework - Assessment, amendment and dispute resolutionWebinar (TEO)Thursday, 6 Aug 2020Details
Starting a BusinessWebinar (TEO)Thursday, 29 August 2020Details
Managing Incorrect Tax Positions and Errors
Webinar (TEO)Wednesday, 12 Aug 2020Details
Adjustments for GST - Change of Use and Mixed-UseWebinar (TEO)Tuesday, 1 Sep 2020Details
Writing Off Loans - Tax implications of debt remissionWebinar (TEO)Thursday, 10 Sep 2020Details
Tax and Charities -Some practical issue
Part 1
Part 2
Webinars (TEO)All Parts
Tuesday, 15 Sep 2020
Wednesday, 23 Sep 2020
Taxation of Employee Entitlements
Part 1: Payments & Share Schemes
Part 2: Schedular payments & Allowances
Part 3: FBT & Relationship Between Different Entitlements
Webinars (TEO)All Parts
Thursday, 17 Sep 2020
Tuesday, 22 Sep 2020
Thursday, 24 Sep 2020
Tax Due Diligence When Buying a New BusinessWebinar (TEO)Thursday, 24 Sep 2020Details
Payments to Family Members by Close Companies - Tax implications
Part 1
Part 2
Webinars (TEO)All Parts
Tuesday, 13 Oct 2020
Tuesday, 20 Oct 2020
Rationalising Group Structures - Liquidation and AmalgamationWebinar (TEO)Thursday, 15 Oct 2020Details
Expats and Options for providing the Employee ExperienceWebinar (TEO)Thursday, 22 Oct 2020Details
Working for Families Tax Credits - Understanding the RegimeWebinars (TEO)All Parts
Tuesday, 3 Nov 2020
Tuesday, 10 Nov 2020
Sale of a Business
Part 1: Value Creation
Part 2: Sale of Shares
Part 3: Sale of Business
Webinars (TEO)All Parts
Thursday, 5 Nov 2020
Tuesday, 24 Nov 2020
Wednesday, 2 Dec 2020
GST Complexities – Some recurring issuesSeminar/Webcast (TEO)Thursday, 19 Nov 2020Seminar Details
Webcast Details
Associated Persons TransactionsWebinar (TEO)Thursday, 26 Nov 2020Details
Funding Early Stage CompaniesWebinar (TEO)Thursday, 29 Nov 2020Details
Employee or Contractor? How to determine the differenceWebinar (TEO)Tuesday, 1 Dec 2020Details
Tax Issues for TrustsWebinar (TEO)Thursday, 3 Dec 2020Details
Allowances & Reimbursements – Review of the most commonWebinar (TEO)Tuesday, 8 Dec 2020Details