Hi there,

We want your webinar experience to be as smooth as possible, so please be aware of that following change that may affect you.

It’s fine for you and your colleagues to watch our live webinars on a shared connection, provided they are from the same branch of your firm. However, because of a recent Microsoft change, if you need your team to be accessing our webinars at the same time but from different devices, there is a three mobile or desktop device maximum. To avoid triggering this maximum and getting kicked off the webinar, you need to share the Register Me link, not the Join link (as used to be the case).

The Register Me link is the one that gets sent in the ‘Thank you for purchasing’ email that gets sent immediately after you buy your ticket to the live event. Once you have used the Register Me link to register yourself onto the event, you will be emailed the Join link. You can still share the Join link but only with up to 2 other people to access the webinar. So, if you need more than three devices to share simultaneous access, go back and find that ‘Thank you for purchasing’ email.

A workaround, of course, is to watch as a team on the same display; in a meeting room, for example. In this case, you also won’t trigger the 3 device maximum.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask: 0800 276 746 or info@teo.co.nz