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Course NameYearMediumCPD HoursDetails
ACC Essentials (Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4)2016Webinar4Please enquire
ACC - Who Cares? Find out why you should care2019Webinar1Details
ACC - Advise with Confidence Just Added!
Part 1 - All you need to know about ACC Levies
Part 2 - ACC Claims and entitlements
Part 3 - Why use CoverPlus Extra?
Part 4 - What’s happening at ACC and hints and tips when managing your clients ACC
2019Webinar4 (1 per wbinar)All Parts
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Accountants and Professional Ethics 20172017Seminar4Please enquire
Accountants and Professional Ethics 2019
Part 1 - Overview to Ethics & CAANZ fundamental principles
Part 2 - Conceptual Framework & Ethics for employees in a business
Part 3 - In Public Practice & Assurance Engagements
Part 4 - Resolving Ethical Conflicts
2019Webinars1 per webinar (4 total)All Parts
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Accountants and Professional Ethics 20182018Seminar4Details
Adjustments for GST: Change of Use v Mixed Use2019Webinar1.25Details
AML/CFT Audits - What you need to know2019Webinar0.5Details
AML/CFT - Update for Accountants2019Webinar1Details
Bright-line Test - Extended2018Webinar1.25Details
Bright-line Test2019Webinar1.25Details
Budget 2018 and Government Tax Changes2018Webinar1Please enquire
Business Succession and Sale 2017Seminar3Please enquire
CCH On Demand and Upcoming webinarsvariousWebinar1 - 1.5Details
Changing and Challenging World of Trustees 2017Seminar/ webinar bundle3Please enquire
Charities Reporting (Tiers 1&2) 2016Webinar1Please enquire
Charities Reporting (Tiers 1-4)2016Webinar2Please enquire
Charities Reporting (Tiers 3&4) 2016Webinar1Please enquire
Closely Held Companies2017Seminar3Please enquire
Company Distributions2018Seminar3Details
Company Distributions 2017Seminar3Please enquire
Company Losses and Imputation Credits Just Added!2019Webinar1Details
Corporate Accountants' Tax Refresher #1 (Continuity of Tax Losses and Imputation Credits) 2017Webinar1Please enquire
Corporate Accountants' Tax Refresher #2 (Specific Tax Deductions and Rules Applying to Companies) 2017Webinar1Please enquire
Corporate Accountants' Tax Refresher #3 (Dividend Rules and Types) 2017Webinar1Please enquire
Corporate Accountants' Tax Refresher #4 (Employment Tax Issues) 2017Webinar1Please enquire
Corporate Accountants' Tax Refresher #5 (Entertainment and FBT) 2018Webinar1Please enquire
Corporate Accountants' Tax Refresher #6 (Tax Payments, OUMI and Penalties) 2018Webinar1Please enquire
Corporate Accountants' Tax Refresher series (Parts 1-6) 2017/2018Webinar6Please enquire
Death and Taxes2018Webcast/Seminar3Details
Debt and Equity2019Webinar1Details
Debt and Equity Tax Issues (Parts 1 & 2)2015Webinar3Please enquire
Doing Business in Australia 2018Webinar1.25Details
Doing Business in Australia2019Webinar1.25Details
Employers' Tax Issues (Parts 1, 2 & 3)2016Webinar3Please enquire
ESOPs - New tax rules for employee share schemes Just Added!2019Webinar1Details
Exemptions to the Land Taxing Provisions2019Webinar1.25Details
Family Owned Companies (Parts 1, 2 & 3)2016Webinar3.75Please enquire
Financial Arrangements for SMEs2018Seminar3Details
Financial Arrangements for SMEs - Practical Examples2018Webinar1Details
Financial Statements - When to Prepare General or Special Purpose2018Webinar1Details
Foreign Investment Fund Update 2018Webinar1.5Details
Foreign Investment Funds - What You Need To Consider2019Webinar1.25Details
Frequently Asked Questions and Topical Issues (Parts 1 & 2)2016Webinar3Please enquire
From Complaints Come Opportunity (Parts 1, 2 & 3)2016Webinar3.25Please enquire
Fundamentals of Tax on Foreign Investments (Parts 1 & 2)2015Webinar2.5Please enquire
GST and Land2019Webinar1.25Details
GST and Property 2017Seminar3Please enquire
GST Complexities (Parts 1 & 2) 2017Webinar3Details
GST Fundamentals (Parts 1 & 2) 2017Webinar3Please enquire
GST Fundamentals and Complexities2016Webinar6Please enquire
Improve Your Presentation Skills2018Seminar3Details
Income Tax Deductions Part 1: Distinction of Capital & Revenue2018Webinar1Details
Income Tax Deductions Part 2: End of Year Adjustments2018Webinar1Details
Income Tax Deductions Part 3: Non Payment of Debt2018Webinar1Details
Income Tax Deductions Part 4: Shareholder Salaries2018Webinar1Details
Income Tax Deductions Part 5: Fees, Fines & Penalties2019Webinar1Details
International Tax2018Seminar3Details
Investing in Australia 2018Webinar1.25Details
LTCs, LPs and Partnerships - Basics & Advanced Bundle2018Webinar2.5Details
LTCs, LPs and Partnerships - Basics2018Webinar1.25Details
LTCs, LPs and Partnerships - Advanced2018Webinar1.25Details
Practical Tax Issues for Charities Just Added!2019Webinar2Details
Property Tax Issues for Landlords - Residential and Commercial2019Webcast + Webinar4Details
R&D Tax Incentive Proposal2018Webinar1Details
Recent IR Audit Activity and Cases2018Webinar1Details
Residential Rental Loss Ring-Fencing - Application of the new rules Just Added!2019Webinar1.25Details
Residency and Immigration 2014Webinar3Please enquire
Rural 2017: Taxation of Primary Sector Income 2017Seminar3Please enquire
Rural Tax 2018 - Lifting the Fog2018Seminar3Details
Rural Tax 2019 - New Challenges for the Primary Sector2019Seminar3Details
RWT and NRWT – Issues and Opportunities Just Added!2019Webinar1Details
Tax and Accounting Compliance for Limited Partnerships 2015Webinar1.25Please enquire
Tax Basics (Parts 1, 2 & 3)2018Webinar3.75Details
Tax Case Law Update 2018Seminar3Details
Tax Case Law Update (Parts 1&2)2018Webinar3Details
Tax Compliance (Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4)2014Webinar5Please enquire
Tax Consequences of the Unexpected 2016Seminar3Please enquire
Tax Depreciation Rules - A review Just Added!2019Webinar1Details
Tax Efficient Trading and Operating Businesses Overseas 2018Webinar1Details
Tax Implications of Relationship Property Agreements 2017Webinar1Please enquire
Tax Issues for Companies 2016Seminar3Please enquire
Tax Pooling - Understanding the Implications 2017Webinar1Please enquire
Tax Update 2016 highlights2016Webinar1.5Please enquire
Tax Update 2017 (parts 1 & 2)2017Webinar3Please enquire
Tax Update 2018 (parts 1 & 2)2018Webinar3Details
Tax Update 2019 (parts 1 & 2)2019Webinar3Details
Taxation of Employee Entitlements2018Webcast/Seminar3Details
Taxation of Employee Entitlements - Webinar Series
Part 1: Payments & Share Schemes
Part 2: What Taxes Apply & Allowances
Part 3: FBT & Relationship Between Different Entitlements
2019Webinar3 (1 per part)All Parts
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Taxation of Investments 2018Webinar1.25Details
Taxation of Land 20182018Seminar3Details
Taxation of Land Disposals 2016Seminar3Please enquire
Taxation of Lump Sum Settlement Receipts2018Webinar1Details
Taxation of Trusts2018Webcast/Seminar3Details
Taxation of Trusts 2017Webinar1Please enquire
Tax Working Group2018Webinar1Details
The Changing Face of Tax Residence (Parts 1 & 2)2016Webinar3Please enquire
Transacting with Associates (Parts 1 & 2)2016Webinar3Please enquire
Understanding Working For Families Tax Credits 20172017Seminar3Please enquire
Understanding Working For Families Tax Credits 20182018Webcast/Seminar3Details
Unusual GST Scenarios (Parts 1 & 2)2015Webinar3Please enquire
Year End Considerations for Agricultural Businesses2018Webinar1.25Details
Year End Considerations for Agricultural Businesses2019Webinar1.25Details
Year End Issues2018Webinar1.25Details
Year End Tax Issues2019Webinar1Details