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Course NameYearMediumCPD HoursDetails
ACC Essentials (Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4)2016Webinar4Please enquire
ACC - Who Cares? Find out why you should care2019Webinar1Details
ACC - Advise with Confidence
Part 1 - All you need to know about ACC Levies
Part 2 - ACC Claims and entitlements
Part 3 - Why use CoverPlus Extra?
Part 4 - What’s happening at ACC and hints and tips when managing your clients ACC
2019Webinar4 (1 per wbinar)All Parts
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Accountants and Professional Ethics 20172017Seminar4Please enquire
Accountants and Professional Ethics 2019
Part 1 - Overview to Ethics & CAANZ fundamental principles
Part 2 - Conceptual Framework & Ethics for employees in a business
Part 3 - In Public Practice & Assurance Engagements
Part 4 - Resolving Ethical Conflicts
2019Webinars4 (1 per webinar)All Parts
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Accountants and Professional Ethics 20182018Seminar4Details
Adjustments for GST: Change of Use v Mixed Use2019Webinar1.25Details
AML/CFT Audits - What you need to know2019Webinar0.5Details
AML/CFT - Update for Accountants2019Webinar1Details
Australia Series Just Added!
Part 1: Setting up a business in Australia
Part 2: Doing Business in Australia
2020Webinars3 + 0.75 (Purchase Parts 1 & 2 and get Part 3 for Free)
Part 1 & Part 2
Part 1
Part 2
Australia Series Just Added!
Part 1: Setting up a business in Australia
Part 2: Doing Business in Australia
2020Webinars3 + 0.75 (Purchase Parts 1 & 2 and get Part 3 for Free)
Part 1 & Part 2
Part 1
Part 2
Bright-line Test - Extended2018Webinar1.25Details
Bright-line Test2019Webinar1.25Details
Bright-line Test - Update Just Added!2020Webinar1.25Details
Budget 2018 and Government Tax Changes2018Webinar1Please enquire
Business Sale - Managing the Process2019Seminar/Webcast3 + 1 bonus Q&A webinarDetails
Business Succession and Sale 2017Seminar3Please enquire
CCH On Demand and Upcoming webinarsvariousWebinar1 - 1.5Details
Changing and Challenging World of Trustees 2017Seminar/ webinar bundle3Please enquire
Charities Reporting (Tiers 1&2) 2016Webinar1Please enquire
Charities Reporting (Tiers 1-4)2016Webinar2Please enquire
Charities Reporting (Tiers 3&4) 2016Webinar1Please enquire
Closely Held Companies2017Seminar3Please enquire
Company Distributions2018Seminar3Details
Company Distributions 2017Seminar3Please enquire
Company Losses and Imputation Credits2019Webinar1Details
Corporate Accountants' Tax Refresher #1 (Continuity of Tax Losses and Imputation Credits) 2017Webinar1Please enquire
Corporate Accountants' Tax Refresher #2 (Specific Tax Deductions and Rules Applying to Companies) 2017Webinar1Please enquire
Corporate Accountants' Tax Refresher #3 (Dividend Rules and Types) 2017Webinar1Please enquire
Corporate Accountants' Tax Refresher #4 (Employment Tax Issues) 2017Webinar1Please enquire
Corporate Accountants' Tax Refresher #5 (Entertainment and FBT) 2018Webinar1Please enquire
Corporate Accountants' Tax Refresher #6 (Tax Payments, OUMI and Penalties) 2018Webinar1Please enquire
Corporate Accountants' Tax Refresher series (Parts 1-6) 2017/2018Webinar6Please enquire
Death and Taxes2018Webcast/Seminar3Details
Debt and Equity2019Webinar1Details
Debt and Equity Tax Issues (Parts 1 & 2)2015Webinar3Please enquire
Disposal of Business Fixed Assets2019Webinar1Details
Dividend Stripping2020Webinar1.25Details
Doing Business in Australia 2018Webinar1.25Details
Doing Business in Australia2019Webinar1.25Details
eCommerce - Selling via online platforms Just Added!
Employee or Contractor? How to determine the difference2019Webinar1Details
Employers' Tax Issues (Parts 1, 2 & 3)2016Webinar3Please enquire
Entertainment Tax Rules - A review2019Webinar1Details
ESOPs - New tax rules for employee share schemes2019Webinar1Details
Exemptions to the Land Taxing Provisions2019Webinar1.25Details
Family Owned Companies (Parts 1, 2 & 3)2016Webinar3.75Please enquire
Financial Arrangements for SMEs2018Seminar3Details
Financial Arrangements for SMEs - Practical Examples2018Webinar1Details
Financial Statements - When to Prepare General or Special Purpose2018Webinar1Details
Foreign Investment Fund Update 2018Webinar1.5Details
Foreign Investment Funds - What You Need To Consider2019Webinar1.25Details
Frequently Asked Questions and Topical Issues (Parts 1 & 2)2016Webinar3Please enquire
From Complaints Come Opportunity (Parts 1, 2 & 3)2016Webinar3.25Please enquire
Fundamentals of Tax on Foreign Investments (Parts 1 & 2)2015Webinar2.5Please enquire
GST and Associated Persons Just Added!2020Webinar1Details
GST and Land2019Webinar1.25Details
GST and Property 2017Seminar3Please enquire
GST Basics - What you need to know Just Added!2020Webinar1Details
GST Complexities (Parts 1 & 2) 2017Webinar3Details
GST Fundamentals (Parts 1 & 2) 2017Webinar3Please enquire
GST Fundamentals and Complexities2016Webinar6Please enquire
Improve Your Presentation Skills2018Seminar3Details
Income Tax Deductions Part 1: Distinction of Capital & Revenue2018Webinar1Details
Income Tax Deductions Part 2: End of Year Adjustments2018Webinar1Details
Income Tax Deductions Part 3: Non Payment of Debt2018Webinar1Details
Income Tax Deductions Part 4: Shareholder Salaries2018Webinar1Details
Income Tax Deductions Part 5: Fees, Fines & Penalties2019Webinar1Details
International Tax2018Seminar3Details
Investing in Australia 2018Webinar1.25Details
LTCs, LPs and Partnerships - Basics & Advanced Bundle2018Webinar2.5Details
LTCs, LPs and Partnerships - Basics2018Webinar1.25Details
LTCs, LPs and Partnerships - Advanced2018Webinar1.25Details
Motor Vehicles & FBT2019Webinar1Details
Motor Vehicles & FBT Just Added!2020Webinar1Details
Payments to Family Members by Close Companies
Part 1
Part 2
2019Webinars2 (1 per webinar)All Parts
Part 1
Part 2
Practical Tax Issues for Charities2019Webinar2Details
Pre-IR Audit Checklist – Things to consider Just Added!2020Webinar1Details
Property Tax Issues for Landlords - Residential and Commercial2019Webcast + Webinar4Details
R&D Tax Incentive Proposal2018Webinar1Details
R&D Tax Credits - The Final Iteration?2019Webinar1Details
Recent IR Audit Activity and Cases2018Webinar1Details
Repairs & Maintenance - Deductibility Uncertain2019Webcast + Webinar3 + 1Details
Residential Rental Loss Ring-Fencing - Application of the new rules2019Webinar1.25Details
Residency and Immigration 2014Webinar3Please enquire
Rural 2017: Taxation of Primary Sector Income 2017Seminar3Please enquire
Rural Tax 2018 - Lifting the Fog2018Seminar3Details
Rural Tax 2019 - New Challenges for the Primary Sector2019Seminar3Details
RWT and NRWT – Issues and Opportunities2019Webinar1Details
Strategic People Management - align your people with your business strategy2019Webinar1Details
Shareholder Remuneration - Salaries or Dividends Just Added!2020Webinar1Details
Tax and Accounting Compliance for Limited Partnerships 2015Webinar1.25Please enquire
Tax Basics (Parts 1, 2 & 3)2018Webinar3.75Details
Tax Case Law Update 2018Seminar3Details
Tax Case Law Update (Parts 1&2)2018Webinar3Details
Tax Compliance (Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4)2014Webinar5Please enquire
Tax Compliance Framework2019Webinar1Details
Tax Consequences of Ending Personal Relationships2019Webinar1Details
Tax Consequences of the Unexpected 2016Seminar3Please enquire
Tax Depreciation Rules - A review2019Webinar1Details
Tax Efficient Trading and Operating Businesses Overseas 2018Webinar1Details
Tax Implications of Relationship Property Agreements 2017Webinar1Please enquire
Tax Issues for Agreement of Sale and Purchase of Property2019Webinar1.25Details
Tax Issues for Companies 2016Seminar3Please enquire
Tax Issues for Directors and the Payment of Directors' Fees2019Webinar1Details
Tax Pooling - Understanding the Implications 2017Webinar1Please enquire
Tax Update 2016 highlights2016Webinar1.5Please enquire
Tax Update 2017 (parts 1 & 2)2017Webinar3Please enquire
Tax Update 2018 (parts 1 & 2)2018Webinar3Details
Tax Update 2019 (parts 1 & 2)2019Webinar3Details
Tax Update 2020 (parts 1 & 2) Just Added!2020Webinar Series2.5Details
Taxation of Employee Entitlements2018Webcast/Seminar3Details
Taxation of Employee Entitlements - Webinar Series
Part 1: Payments & Share Schemes
Part 2: What Taxes Apply & Allowances
Part 3: FBT & Relationship Between Different Entitlements
2019Webinar3 (1 per part)All Parts
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Taxation of Investments 2018Webinar1.25Details
Taxation of Land 20182018Seminar3Details
Taxation of Land Disposals 2016Seminar3Please enquire
Taxation of Lump Sum Settlement Receipts2018Webinar1Details
Taxation of Trusts2018Webcast/Seminar3Details
Taxation of Trusts 2017Webinar1Please enquire
Tax Working Group2018Webinar1Details
The Changing Face of Tax Residence (Parts 1 & 2)2016Webinar3Please enquire
The Trust Act 20192019Webinar1.25Details
Transacting with Associates (Parts 1 & 2)2016Webinar3Please enquire
Understanding Working For Families Tax Credits 20172017Seminar3Please enquire
Understanding Working For Families Tax Credits 20182018Webcast/Seminar3Details
Understanding Working for Families Tax Credits
Part 1
Part 2
2019Webinar2 (1 per part)All Parts
Part 1
Part 2
Unusual GST Scenarios (Parts 1 & 2)2015Webinar3Please enquire
Writing Off Loans - implications of debt remission2019Webinar1Details
Year End Considerations for Agricultural Businesses2018Webinar1.25Details
Year End Considerations for Agricultural Businesses2019Webinar1.25Details
Year End Issues2018Webinar1.25Details
Year End Tax Issues2019Webinar1Details
Year End Tax Issues Just Added!2020Webinar1.25Details